Today marks the spot. From here on out, Ball Hard!


Lamel LG Dyson, was born in New York. Raised in Gallatin,Tennessee. A Hip-Hop Artist, Beatmaker/Producer. From a small town where dreams don’t come true, he believes if u have a drive that anything’s possible.

Growing up people always told him that he couldn’t do this or do that but he always thought the opposite. He has an amazing imagination he’s very versatile .

“I feel like what I can bring to the table in Hip-Hop, stuff that goes on in reality, things that you can relate too such as, Poverty, Crime, Racism, n Etc.”

He experienced a lot of things from where he came from like committing crimes, being incarcerated and selling drugs,

“that’s what drives me to be the artist that I am today.”


Published by

W.E Wright Entertainment

My music speaks for self threw live flow. My struggles, pain and anger is different from yours. I was born in Tennessee. I'm a product of my surroundings. Good vibes lover, positive thinkers crew.

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