Why earning a honest living ain’t safe.

Once I was a kid just like every body, and one thing i never noticed was, who it was that payed for all our birthdays christmas’ thanksgivings school cloths everything.

not knowing my mother had worked at every place in our home town to pay the bills and provide the best she could being a single mother. as a child all I knew was if I didn’t get it I was mad. and if my remote control car had a cord I was really mad.

My mom worked forever.

and we hardly seen her. but one thing I do no is we never went with out lights or water period or a place to call our own. let me add that my mother had ten kids period

and this was a time before the internet. and back then we stayed out side, but there was one thing that we didn’t think about. we never knew how unsafe we where while my mother was making an honest living.


Published by

W.E Wright Entertainment

My music speaks for self threw live flow. My struggles, pain and anger is different from yours. I was born in Tennessee. I'm a product of my surroundings. Good vibes lover, positive thinkers crew.

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