For All Artist

Stop buying into the
(you can’t make it without me sayings) and ( start making it happen yourself )
and there’s nothing wrong with not being perfect yet,
longs you active and willing to learn I feel you can make it
just like your favorite artist did.
Yes it takes money to keep it moving
but that doesn’t mean you have to pay everybody that’s selling something.
Do you go to Wal-mart  for drinks and then go to all the other stores for drinks also just because there selling them?
didn’t think so but you still got something to drink no matter what store you went to. that’s all im saying.
start making it happen on your own. stop buying into people you don’t know or you can’t look up reviews on especially businesses without a website or LLC. most them people are just like you. let 1/1/2018 be your starting date.
follow my team if you don’t believe me.
and Artist stop being scared of free stuff ( ft,beats,slots,social sites) there’s nothing wrong with free stuff to help you on your way especially in a game that’s dominated by money.

Published by

W.E Wright Entertainment

My music speaks for self threw live flow. My struggles, pain and anger is different from yours. I was born in Tennessee. I'm a product of my surroundings. Good vibes lover, positive thinkers crew.

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