Daily Life Struggles

We all got our struggles rather its Love for the wrong person, or an addiction we can’t shake, they’re all Daily struggles that we put in front of everything else in our life. I feel that in order to grow or get over our Daily Life Struggles we got to face the

day in and day out. Fear is a very dangerous thing and most of us fear change, but change is what its gonna take to live Longevity till later love peace and afro grease…#WE

Published by

W.E Wright Entertainment

My music speaks for self threw live flow. My struggles, pain and anger is different from yours. I was born in Tennessee. I'm a product of my surroundings. Good vibes lover, positive thinkers crew.

6 thoughts on “Daily Life Struggles”

      1. We stay in Tennessee USA, and to be honest we tout ourself how to do beats and record because we never had the money it took to pay studios.
        And plus our love of music is like yours. So most of it came natural. I’m going back to school to learn music and business, so I can perfect it tho.
        I still don’t know how to master. None of our music is mastered.

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      2. That’s impressive, that you taught yourselves how to record.

        I wouldn’t have known that your music wasn’t mastered. To be honest with you, I don’t even remember what mastering does exactly, beyond making the mix as good as it can be. (I SHOULD know this, because it was discussed in my college program. I was more comfortable with production and mixing tracks than I was with the console and technical aspects of recording.)

        Getting back to your recordings: they sound fantastic to my ears. I noticed the vocals specifically, because that was something I struggled with, getting them to sit right in the mix. Yours sound in pocket.

        Do you have any behind-the-scenes videos of your recording process? That would be cool.

        Tennessee. I’ve never been, but I’d love to visit Nashville someday. All the best to you with school!


      3. We used to record them but alot of artist dont like doing it, Im gonna start recording behind the scence video cause thats where the magic happens. And thanks I really go off of ear. If it dont feel right it dont fit. Most of the time the beat tells me how to rap on it.

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