My Goals

IMG_3745 My goals used to be, to become a world known rapper.
But now I’m focused on becoming the first Universal A&R for all music genres. I don’t want to be just A Sony A&R, I’m gonna be The A&R for all major record labels. I know this is a very big step to take, but I feel it’s needed. Which means I will have to go back and finish school to learn how to run a business, watch me do it,..#WE



Time waits for no man, trust me when I say this,

I’ve waited on others for so long saying,¬†tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow il start, not knowing that tomorrow would lead to months and months lead to years, and before you know it 10 yrs have past and you will still be in the same spot talking about im just waiting on this one person. Y’all let’s stop waiting on everybody else to make your dreams come true and make opportunity happen for your self. Once you do this you will see progress…#WE




Daily Life Struggles

We all got our struggles rather its Love for the wrong person, or an addiction we can’t shake, they’re all Daily struggles that we put in front of everything else in our life. I feel that in order to grow or get over our Daily Life Struggles we got to face the

day in and day out. Fear is a very dangerous thing and most of us fear change, but change is what its gonna take to live Longevity till later love peace and afro grease…#WE