Time waits for no man, trust me when I say this,

I’ve waited on others for so long saying,¬†tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow il start, not knowing that tomorrow would lead to months and months lead to years, and before you know it 10 yrs have past and you will still be in the same spot talking about im just waiting on this one person. Y’all let’s stop waiting on everybody else to make your dreams come true and make opportunity happen for your self. Once you do this you will see progress…#WE





Daily Life Struggles

We all got our struggles rather its Love for the wrong person, or an addiction we can’t shake, they’re all Daily struggles that we put in front of everything else in our life. I feel that in order to grow or get over our Daily Life Struggles we got to face the

day in and day out. Fear is a very dangerous thing and most of us fear change, but change is what its gonna take to live Longevity till later love peace and afro grease…#WE

Music buisness only worth what you put init

  1. I feel like the artist always get the low-in of the stick untill they blow, being that they pay from the beginning to end of they carrier while the others recive money the whole time.
  2. We have to break the cycle. Artist are the only ones that got to risk dealing with scammers with out artist there’s no song, no show, and all the new artist see is pay for your beats, pay for your studio ,pay for your marketing, pay for your publicist, pay for your first shows , pay for art work, pay for tours, blogs interviews on the platforms that count. But yet trash rappers get on over night with controversy then you start seeing all the people you done paid all year promoting them. It’s got to be more then this. Hell I’m starting to realize why most artist fake it to they make it. People cheat on test and pass while others study hard and fail. We got to change this. The game setup to where the scammers are the only ones you can friend on Facebook half the time. Cause the real deals are closed off from the rest. Half of them will look at you crazy for sending them a friend request because they don’t know you but they put on they bio that their job is A&R for this big company or ambassador for this company. All I’m trying to get you to realize is with out you there will be know music buisness. Now why aren’t we changing this.?

Schools back


Let’s make this the best year for all the kids that’s in school if you see a child that needs help, help them if there’s a child that needs supplies to help them if there’s a child getting bullied help them. Our Kids are our future lets start acting like it…#WE